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What are cross docking services?
Cross docking describes a supply chain process in which products are quickly distributed to the customer with minimal or no storage time. The name comes from the fact that cargo is received through an inbound dock and then transferred across the warehouse (where items are sorted, as opposed to stored) to the outbound transportation dock. From there, products are loaded and delivered to the customer.
Is cross docking similar to direct shipment?
When examining direct shipment vs cross docking, it's evident that both methods can help businesses save time and money by avoiding long-term storage costs. Cross docking typically involves a brief stop at a warehouse facility where products are transferred from one dock to another. Direct shipment, on the other hand, avoids the warehousing step entirely. With this method, the cargo is shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer without stopping at a warehouse.
How do I book a warehouse with OLIMP?
Booking a warehouse with OLIMP is straightforward and simple. The first step is searching for a space that meets your specific needs, then comparing prices, reviews, and ratings to find the best deal. Once you've selected the warehouse that's right for your business, you can easily book your services and pay online.
Why choose OLIMP over traditional warehousing?
Unlike traditional warehousing services, OLIMP brings together all the resources you need in one place. You can search OLIMP's network of 1400 warehouses for one that meets your requirements — and get immediate results. It's also easy to compare your options side by side, taking into account price, distance, and ratings. Then as soon as you're ready to book, you can select your services and pay online. Finally, unlike traditional warehousing that may require broker fees or long-term contracts, OLIMP has no minimum cost.
What types of services does OLIMP offer?
OLIMP offers top solutions for LTL, FTL, and FCL carriers. Its network of warehouses provide short-term storage, cross docking, pallet restacking, and local delivery services. Using OLIMP's comprehensive database, carriers can search, book, and pay for short-term storage at a nearby warehouse, drop off their freight, and then move on to the next load.
What benefits are there for DAT customers?
DAT's partnership with OLIMP means that DAT customers are eligible for 10% off their first order and 5% off all subsequent orders.

With OLIMP, you save time on finding, booking and paying for short-term warehousing. You also get to compare among 1400 warehouses across the United States and choose the best one for your needs.

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