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With OLIMP, you save time on finding, booking and paying for short-term warehousing. You also get to compare among 1400 warehouses across the United States and choose the best one for your needs.

Looking to book just the right warehouse? Try our web search tool!
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Free, easy and quick warehouse search across the USA
Traditional warehousing vs. OLIMP
Traditional warehousing
Google search (2+ hours)
Immediate search results across our vetted network of 1400 warehouses in the U.S.
Google search, call
Search, book and pay online
No options to compare the conditions and choose easily
Compare price, distance and rating on one page
High minimum cost
No minimum cost
No support
Support team on call
For Carriers and Freight Brokers
OLIMP offers the best solutions for customers in formats:

  • LTL (Less Truck Load)
  • FTL (Full Truck Load)
  • FCL (Full Container Load)
OLIMP provides services:

  • Cross-docking,
  • Warehousing,
  • Restacking pallets,
  • Local delivery,
  • Rejected freight operations.

These are just some of OLIMP options to fit your needs.
Freight brokers also have the option to select a specialized warehouse most suitable for their custom requirements.

  • Military authorized warehouses,
  • Bonded storages,
  • Freeze warehousing points,
  • Foreign Trade Zone,
  • White glove,
  • HazMat,
  • Any other customized services available.
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